By Arthur Winner

Photos by pioneer Arthur Winner, official photographer for the Government of Grenada.

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Mothers left to right: Jackie Stratton, Barbara Winner, Lynn Berry, Theresa Pascal.

Children left to right: Suriyah Stratton, Ian Berry, Sean Berry, Jeremy Pascal.



John Robarts at the Baker house at Grand Anse Beach 1980.








Goodbye fete for the Berry’s, Dec. 1982.







Pioneer Ed Povey  leads a children’s class in song.







Mrs. Munsiff, center, at the St. James Hotel 1982.






Governor General of Grenada, Sir Paul Scoons, receives a copy of ‘The Promise of World Peace’.   1983






Dr. Ta’eed and Jeffery Lewis, 1982.






Viv and Ed Povey







Dr. Jahangir Cyrus and family