St. Lucia


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1970   Martha Hocker, Esther Evans, Ruhiyyih Khanum






1973: Dr Sirus Homayun teaching and volunteer trip for one month:

Dr Homayun at dock in Vieux Fort

at  work in St Jude Hospital

Dr Homayun and Phil Trutza, pioneer and another friend

R to L: Dr Homayun, Phil Trutza, ___, ___, ___.

1978: Teaching trip of John and Jharna Milne seen in Augier:

L to R: Standing Frank Paccassi, Jharna Milne, Beverley March, ___, Judy Paccassi, John Milne

1979 Children Class Photos: 

children’s class from Ciceron with Nancy Cole standing in back






Castries:  L-R: __, Angela Clarke, __, Andrea Clarke, __, __, __, Sammy Delphus.














Judy Paccassi and Beverley March








1979: National Convention held on the on the Morne:

1979_april_natl_conv_bwi_on_the_morne_a2Seated on ground, L-R: Frank Franum; Mr. Lorde; ___; Patricia Paccassi; Ian & Lynn Berry; Yvette Clarke.

Standing L-R: Stephanie & Ruhi Bloodworth; Judith Paccassi;___; Beverly March; ___; Diane Bourne; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; Keith Bloodworth; baby & ___; Albert Segen; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; Laurie & Aaron Sealy; Errol Sealy.


Laurie Sealy with son, Aaron; Jackie Stratton with daughter Suraya; Stephanie Bloodworth with son, Ruhu’llah







L to R: Frank Paccassi; Richard Berry with Ian Berry; Lynn Berry with Sean Berry (born on St Lucia, 1979); Judith Paccassi; Patricia Paccassi.






1979: Hedi Amadiyyih’s teaching trip, seen in Augier:

L-R: CBC Hedi Ahmadiyyyih; Frank Fernandes; Frank Paccassi; Judith Paccassi; ___.


1979: Youth Conference held in the Gardens, Castries:

L-R: James Auguste; Judith Paccassi; Juliana Auguste; ___; Moses Auguste;

1980,  26 November: First Baha’i Wedding on St Lucia,

Tim and Helen Delphus: 



1980: Summer School photos held in Dennery:

Seated: 2nd & 3rd from right, Andrea & Angela Clarke.

Standing L-R: Shirly Yarbrough; ___; ___; Moses Henry; Martin Devaux; ___; ___; ___; Patricia Paccassi; ___; ___; Marjorie Clarke; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___; KoB Esther Evans; ___; ___; ___; ___; ___.



Group of children with Marjorie Clarke, seated; Angela Clarke on railing


1980: Visit of Hand of the Cause of God, John Robarts

L-R: Moses Auguste; Fitzroy Damaze,; James Auguste; Hand of the Cause,  John Robarts; Gregory Fedee.






In front : James Auguste, Gregory Fedee

Standing L-R: Patricia Paccassi; James Auguste, Fitzroy Damaze; Hand John Robarts; Audrey Robarts; Judith Paccassi; Keith & Ruhi Bloodworth; Stephanie Bloodworth.

1980’s early, working on distribution of 1500 news letters:

L-R: Nancy Cole; Juliana Auguste; James Auguste; Peter St. Rose;  Francis St. Rose; __, __.






1980’s early: Baha’i youth in Castries :

Back row: Juliana Auguste; Gregory Fedee,  Moses Auguste; Fitzroy Damaze;
Front row: Andrea Clarke; Judith Paccassi; Tim Delphus; James Auguste.

1981, 28 February, Teaching Conference held in Gardens, Castries: 

Standing L-R: Stephanie Bloodworth; __; Frank Paccassi; Beverly March; Martin DeVaux; Helen Delphus; __; __; __; Juliana Auguste; __; __; woman with baby; __; Keith Bloodworth; woman with baby __; __.

Kneeling & sitting: __;  Patricia Paccassi; Moses Auguste; Fitzroy Alexander; Tim Delphus; small boy; __; James Auguste; Gregory Fedee; 4 children; __; Judith Paccassi, with Badi Bloodworth.

1981 Grandma Snyder Teaching Project:

In front: Soraya Golbrani; Ludi Johnson Ian Berry;

Standing L-R: Maureen Thur; Susan Felker; Edith Johnson; Shirley Yarbrough; Patricia Paccassi; Fitzroy Damaze; Hushnieh (Mama) Baha’i; Gregory Fedee; James Auguste; Nancy Cole; Anthony (Don) Providence; Moses Auguste.

1981: December teaching trip of John Bower seen in Vigie, Castries


L-R: Angela Clarke; John Bower; Ruhi Bloodworth; Andrea Clarke; Badi Bloodworth; Sammy Delphus.


1981: Visit of Hand of the Cause, Ali  Muhammad Varqa:

L-R: ___; Stephanie & Ruhi Bloodworth; unknown adults & children; Keith Bloodworth; Frank Paccassi; Hand of the Cause of God, ‘Ali-Muhammad Varqa (partially hidden)



1982: 1st Ruhi Institute held in St Lucia: 

Held at Paccassi home, Vigie, Castries:

Foreground L-R: Helen Delphus; Ruhu’llah Bloodworth; __; Badi Bloodworth; __.

Standing L-R: Tim Delphus; __; __; __; Frank Paccassi; Judith Paccassi; __; __; Barbara Hudson; Barbara Descarte with child; Nancy Cole; Marjorie Clarke; Andrea Clarke; Juliana Auguste; Larry Clarke; Angela Clarke; __; __; __; R

Ruth Pringle (ABM); Cadosia DuBoulay; __; Patricia Paccassi.

1982:  Meeting held in Augier:


L-R: Barbara Hudson; Florus Lubin; 3 children; Peter St. Rose; __; __.




1982: Teaching trip of Earl Healy,  held in Vigie:

L-R: Frank Paccassi; Martin Devaux; __; __; Patricia Paccassi; Keith Bloodworth; Earl Healy; Nancy Cole; __; __; __; Barbara Descarte; __; __; __; John Loader; Judith Paccassi; __; Moses Auguste.




L-R: Patricia Paccassi; Juliana Auguste; Earl Healy; Frank Paccassi.



1982: Teaching trips of John and Margaret Khobloch and Wes and Mary Lou Baker, seen in Castries:

Kneeling; Margaret Khobloch and two boys.

L-R: Marie Amalble,; Barbara Hudson; Val Jn Pierre; Alison Vaccaro; John Khobloch, Judith Paccassi; Nancy Cole; Moses Auguste; Wes Baker; Mary Lou Baker


1982: National Convention held in Castries:

Top row L-R: Judith Paccassi; ___, Negar Bahbahani.

Next row down L-R: Nancy Cole; Marjorie Clarke; Wayne Carey; Cadosia DuBoulay; Barwiz Bahbahani; Florus Lubin; Arthur Irwin.
Next row down L-R: Helen Delphus with baby; Martin Devaux; Julianna Auguste; Moses Henry; __; Larry Clarke; __: __.
Next row down L-R: Patricia Paccassi; __; Barbara Hudson; Ruth Pringle; __with child; Frank Paccassi; __.
Front row L-R: __; Andrea Clarke; __; Angela Clarke; __; __; __.

1982 or 1983:



L-R: __; __; Allison Vacarro.



1982 or 1983: Village meeting:







1982 or 1983: Vacarro visit in Vigie:

L-R: Patricia Paccassi; Fitzroy Damaze; Moses Auguste; Judith Paccassi; Juliana Auguste; Nancy Cole, Sammy Delphus; Helen Delphus; __; __; Allison Vacarro; Tim Delphus with Ruhi Bloodworth; Knight of Bahá’u’lláh, Esther Evans; __; Stephanie Bloodworth with son, Badi; Barbara Hudson; Larry Clarke; Angela Clarke; __; __; Andrea Clarke; Marjorie Clarke; Keith Bloodworth; __.

1983: Children’s Conference held on the Morne:


Many children unknown.

Sammy Delphus; Angela Clarke; Wayne Carey; Martin Devaux; Nancy Cole; Alison Vacarro; Marjorie Clarke; Frank Paccassi; Patricia Paccassi.


Room full of children. Wayne Carey at the far right, standing.




1983: Delegates for the Windward Islands to the International Convention held in Haifa, Israel


L-R: Keith Bloodworth; Frank Paccassi; Stephanie Bloodworth; Patricia Paccassi; Anthony (Don) Providence.



1983 or 1984: Meeting held in Vigie:

Standing L-R: Judith Paccassi; Moses Henry; Wayne Carey; Husnieh (Mama) Baha’i.
Seated L-R: Nancy Cole; Janet Lang; __.



1983: Arthur Irwin, on left, meeting in villages





1983: L to R:  near Pillar-Barbara Hudson

Back Row: __, Gregory_, Barwiz Bahabahani and child, Moses Auguste, Juliana Auguste, ___

Kneeling: Arthur Irwin, __, __, Cadosia DuBoulay, __, __,__

Seated:  Nancy Cole, __, __.





Gatherings held at Knight of  Baha’ullah, Esther Evans home in Cap Estate:


L to R:  Esther Evans; Moses Henry; Barbara Hudson; Wayne Carey; Janet Lang; Andrea Clarke; Angela Clarke; Judith Paccassi; Frank Paccassi; Marjorie Clarke.



L-R: Judith Paccassi; Lynn Berry; __; Frank Paccassi; Richard Berry; Marie Amaible __’ Esther Evans; Louise Mathias; Juliana Auguste; Moses Auguste; Patricia Paccassi.

Baha’is and their gatherings over the years:

L-R: Negar Bahbahani; Barwiz Bahbahani; Moses Auguste; Larry Clarke; Barbara Hudson; Wayne Carey; Gregory Fedee; Angela Clarke; Nancy Cole; Marjorie Clarke; Moses Henry; Patricia Paccassi; __; Arthur Irwin.


L to R: Claudette Antoine; __; Judith Paccassi; John Auguste; __.




__; John Loader; __; Barbara Descartes with children; Nancy Cole; __; Judith Paccassi; Frank Paccassi; Patricia Paccassi.




 National Council of Voluntary Women’s Organizations:

L to R: __; Judith Paccassi; __; __; __; Heraldine Rock; __; __; __; __; __; __; Patricia Paccassi, Bahá’í representative on the Council.



Patricia Paccassi; __; Sidonia Joseph, Frank Paccassi




Top row, L-R: Barwiz Bahbahani; Wayne Carey; Cliff Alexander,.
Middle row L-R: __; Negar Bahbahani; Nancy Cole.
Front row, L-R: Patricia Paccassi; Frank Paccassi; Arthur Irwin.



Standing, L-R: Angela Clarke; __; Peter St. Rose; Barbara Hudson; Florus Lubin; Larry Clarke.
Front row, L-R: Marjorie Clarke; Andrea Clarke; Tim Delphus.





Judy Paccassi and Tim Delphus





Standing, L-R: Keith Bloodworth; Felix, George;  Maxima Charles; __.
In front: Stephanie Bloodworth with Ruhi.




Meeting in Micoud: L to R: __, Debra Hippolyte, ___, Judith, Paccassi, Kenson __, ___, Rosanne Burke, Val Jn-Pierre, Mr. __ Burke.




Pat Paccassi with children from Ciceron






Children from Marisule





Village children’s class ( 2 photos)





Tim and Helen Delphus

with baby Quddus





L-R: Judith Paccassi; Moses Auguste; Julien Alphonse;  Anna Cole; __.




Village children’s class





Wendy Phillips children’s class





Jeniffe   Hyacinth’s children’s class, in the middle and Wendy Phillip on right



Juliana August’s children’s class

2 photos




 In Vigie:

Seated, Nancy Cole, Janet Lang, ___

Standing: Judy Paccassi, Moses Henry, Mama Baha’i



1984 ABM’s Caribbean Conference

see 3 photos below







1984: Hand of the Cause Collis Featherstone’s visit



Meeting held on the Morne





Meeting held in Castries Library:

Heraldine Rock, Ed Muttart  (NSA of Canada), ___, ___, Pat Paccassi



1983: Haifa, Israel, International Convention delegates:

L to R: Iris Guinnals, Frank Paccassi, ___, Pat Paccassi