Second Grandma Snyder Project


2001 2nd. Grandma Snyder Project held in Augier,  St Lucia


Don Providence, St Vincent







the team residence













__, Ada Leonce, ___,Elisa Tidswell,







Marcia Lample







Emily Lample








off they go..






kids visit








and more kids visit




Night Meeting:

Standing: Rick Berry, Urmie Persaud, ___, Karlee Delphus, Marcia Lample, Emily Lample.

Seated: Lynn Berry, Don Providence, Elisa Tidwell, __





Marcia Lample on wash day






more visits








more visits








childrens class













dance class






childrens class






Nancy Cole-Auguste, Pat Paccassi, Rick Berry






Moses , Cole, Inga and Nancy Auguste








Lynn Berry













Post Office Display:






Elisa Tidswell, Nadia Edwards













Nancy, Pat, Marcia





Betty Antoine and her class







anoother class






Nancy, __, Pat, Urmie Persaud, Marcia












dance class