St Vincent – Visits of Hands of the Cause of God

The following story about the visit of the Hands of the Cause was taken from an interview by Pat Paccassi in 1987. SH is Shirley Howard and EB is Edson Branch

SH: I think St. Vincent just happened to be one of the very privileged countries that had many, many visitors. We all had a lot of visitors. For instance, we had Madam Rabbani, Ruhíyyih Khanum, and we had Mr. Olinga twice – we had him once and we had him with his wife – and we had several Hands of the Cause that came to St. Vincent. When Mr. Olinga was here I think the public took to him…

PP: Because he was black?

SH: That might have been a part of it.

EB: Because of his make up. He was so gentle.

SH: Yes, that was it. We had two very nice public meetings, one in Kingstown and one in Mesopotamia.

EB: I can remember chairing that one in Mesopotamia.

SH: Where you had people from other religion who came to that meeting, asked questions and so on, and it was quite satisfying, you know. No opposition; no objection we had.

EB: The meeting we had at Mesopotamia, our present Governor-General Sir Lambert Eustace, attended that meeting because I spoke to him and he went to that meeting. When Mr. Olinga finished deliver his address, his talk, he asked if there were any questions, and the present Governor-General said that, “I just cannot understand how you are saying Baha’u’llah will be the return of Christ. It sounds so far-fetched to me.” I can remember him asking that question. So he was a little bit baffled. Anyhow, later on, this same Governor-General received the Bahá’í peace message.