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1967: Teaching trip:

L to R: Standing: Bill Carr, Vivian Taylor, George Pilgrim, Phil Wood

Seated:  ___,  Nikou Raoufian.


1970  Meetings photos

1970: Newbury:

L toR

Mr. Fitzgerald Calendar,___,__, Pat Paccassi, __,Judith Paccassi, __, Michael Fanning, Lynn Paccassi

L to R standing: Alex Elcock, Edrith Elcock, Reggie Barrow, Phil Wood,
Robert Kidd, Carol Haynes, Shirley Yarbrough, Graeme Stratton,
Lynn Haynes, Eve Johnson, Constance Huggins, Leroy Wharton, Wally Haynes
Seated: Frank Fernandes, Frank Paccassi, Patricia Paccassi
Errol Sealy, ___, ___.

1971: Cane House, St. Georges:

L to R: Phil Wood, Ruth Pringle, Karen Wood, Burleigh Eastman, Frank Paccassi, Patricia Paccassi



Visit of Laura Davis in Belleplaine:

L to R standing: Edris Elcock, Frank Paccassi, Shirley Yarbrough,
Patricia Paccassi, Andrew Maynard, ___, Rollie Totten, Ida McCray, child, ___, Hazel Lovelace, __, Phil Wood, Judith Paccassi, Leroy Wharton,
Seated: Elsie Snyder, Laura Davis


1972: Formation National Convention NSA Barbados and the Windward Islands 

Seated L to R: Frank Paccassi, Diane Bourne, Karen Wood, Hazel Beckles, Phil Wood, Ruhiyyih Khanum, Margery Harmer, George Howard, Carol Haynes, Frank Farnum, Patricia Paccassi
2nd row:___,___, Errol Sealy, ___, ___, Judith Paccassi,___
3rd row: ___, ___, ___ Roy Massey, Leroy Wharton, Lynn Paccassi,
Edson Branch, Jan Chute, ___
4th row: ___,___,___,___,___,___,___


1972: Visit of Ruhiyyih Khanum and Jan Chute to Belleplaine:

Seated L to R: Ruhiyyih Khanum, Elsie Snyder, Jean Chute
Standing L to R: Patricia Paccassi, Edson Branch, Lynn Paccassi,
Anthony Providence, Frank Paccassi



L to R: Leroy Wharton, Hand of the Cause of God, Ali Muhammad Varqa, Laurie Fanning


barbados-summer-1973 daniel-sweeney-and-friends-1973 nancy-gorton-1973









Daniel Sweeney and friends







Nancy Gorton





1974: Visit of Hand of the Cause of God Dr. Muhajir in front of National Centre




L to R:___,___, Frank Farnum, Pauline Paul, Frank Paccassi, Phil Wood, Patricia Paccassi,___, Carol Haynes, Graeme
Stratton, Anthony Providence



1975: Ida McCray








1976: Teaching trip of Hazel Lovelace, from Alaska, a Klinghet Indian




197_: 1st Incorporation of the Local Spiritual Assembly of St Michaels

Back row left:  Byron Payne, Diane Bourne, Phil Wood, Ida McCray,___,
Front row left: Hazel Beckles,, Reggie Barrow


1983: National Headquarters:






Standing L to R: Mozart Newton, Phil Wood, ___, ___, Shamsi Sedagat,
___, Patricia Paccassi, Lorana Kerfoot, Jodi Owen, ___Pauline Paul, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___,
Seated or kneeling L to R: ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, Francis Foss, Nelson Brignoni, ___, ___, ___.

Foreground L to R: Daniel Sweeny, Nelson Brignoni, Yvette Clarke (almost hidden) ___
Standing L to R: ___, ___, Shamsi Sedaghat, Edie Holbert, Lorana Kerfoot, ___, ___, ___, Artemus Lamb, Patricia Paccassi.



L to R: Diane Bourne, ___.





Carol, Lynn and Wally Haynes




1970: Interview of Hand of the Cause of God, Enoch Olinga by Olga Lope-Seals






1972:  Visit of Hand of the Cause of God Dr Muhajir to Belleplaine:

L to R: Pat Paccassi, Leroy Wharton, __, Dr Muhajir, __, __ Haynes, Judy Paccassi, __, Phil Wood, __, __ Haynes, Karen Wood, Errol Sealy , __, Lynn Paccassi,



1972: Signing of Incorporation papers of the NSA:

L-R: Diane Bourne, Frank Paccassi, George Howard, Carol Haynes, lawyer, Karen Wood, ___, Phil Wood, Frank Farnum, Patricia Paccassi.

















1970: Ruhiyyih Khanum speaking at a meeting in Woods home at Ragged Point.







1980: Visit of Rollie Totton at Paccassi home in Belleplaine:

L to R: Grandma Snyder, Rollie Totten, Pat Paccassi