St Vincent – Jim Lamb first resident pioneer on St Vincent

The following story of the first resident pioneer on St Vincent, Jim Lamb, came from an interview by Pat Paccassi in 1987. PP is Pat Paccassi, SH is Shirley Howard, EB is Edson Branch

PP: Shirley, what about this fellow named Jim Lamb. I had him listed somewhere as only being here three months, August ’66 to December ’66. His name came up in Jean Norris’ report, but now Edson is saying he was here three years.

SH: He stayed longer than three months.

EB: I think so.

SH: If I’m not mistaken, about two years.

EB: He opened a Sunday School for children.

SH: At my place. The school was kept at my home, and that was ’66 – around ’66, yes. At that time Don Providence was then a small boy and he attended the Sunday School, you know, with Jim Lamb. That was from ’66, I remember.

PP: So he was the first real overseas pioneer that came and stayed?

SH: And stayed.

EB: He did refrigeration work.

SH: He came here and he stayed. He was the first person to really reside here for some time.

PP: He was an American?

EB: Yes, a very young boy.

PP: How did he ever get a job?

EB: He was in his 20’s. I think he said that he worked in Guyana.

SH: But he just happened to get a job. As a matter of fact, he stayed with the Truckmans [sp?].

EB: He was white –

SH: Quite tall –

EB: Tall –

SH: Quite pleasant and likeable.

EB: Handsome too.

SH: Yes, and likeable. His main thing for coming out was he didn’t want to get into the army.

PP: Oh –

SH: He didn’t want to get into the army so he came out.

PP: From the States?

SH: From the States, right.

PP: That’s interesting.

SH: Yes, that was his thing.

PP: So he went from that army into God’s army!

SH: He was quite a nice guy, and he came religiously every Sunday to do children’s classes.

EB: And he gave my father that book. Why did he have to give my father that book? And why did I have to see that book? My father had several books, but why did I have to choose that book? Why did I have to read that particular book? Why did that book become so fascinating to me?