Dominica – Mark Vaccaro talks about the first use of a Video Camera to serve the Faith in Dominica

Mark Vaccaro talks about the first use of a Video Camera to serve the Faith in Dominica. Here he talks to Al Segen, an early pioneer to the Island as to how this came about.

Mark: When I came to Dominica in 1981, I was impressed that Albert had a 16 mm movie projector. He would initially be showing these movies in the capital city, but in time we began taking the movie projector out to the villages, and projecting pictures, really ancient Baha’i movies, on sheets that were hung up in the villages.
One of the wishes I had would be someday I wish we could show on the screen Dominicans on there instead of Baha’is from overseas. It actually turned out in time that you were the first Baha’i that I know to bring a video camera into Dominica. One of the first uses I saw you using it was at the ground breaking ceremony for the first local Hazaratu’l Quds, which was in Newtown.
I always admired that, that you didn’t stick just with radio, or with still photography, which you did a lot of service for the Faith with that modality, but you also brought that video camera. Do you remember why you decided to buy a video camera and bring it to Dominica?
Al: Except, it was the thing to do at that time. I don’t have any other reason for it.
Mark: Well you certainly put it to great use. You had actually videotaped the construction of the Local Baha’i Centre. And we put it together so one could see from ground…
Al: Do you have that video tape?
Mark: I think Edith and the National Assembly have that tape. But you have it actually step by step the foundation, the bricks, the internal partitions and so forth done as a service to the Faith. What I did, you taught me how to use the camera. I followed up on that by showing the activities once the centre was built, like the dedication and so forth. A lot of these video tapes that we made ended up at the World Centre. Perhaps in the future, people would study how these guys in Dominica with limited means erected these buildings. And you got me interested in it, and we started having our Baha’i television programs in Dominica.