DOMINICA – Frank Paccassi

This video clip of Frank Paccassi was taken from an interview by Linda Cicada and Oma Richmond in 1994-5 during their teaching/taping trip with the Paccassi’s, recording memories from the formation stage of the Baha’i Faith in our area.

Frank became a Baha’i in 1964 in Sacramento, California. He was employed as an engineer working for Aerojet General who manufactured Polaris Missiles. It became very obvious to him that one could not advocate for peace as a Baha’i would do, and still make a living building missiles. As William Sears once said “They don’t put love notes in the nose cones.”

He and his wife, Pat decided to become pioneers for the Baha’i Faith by going to Puerto Rico in October 1965. He worked there as a Petroleum engineer, but within 9 months moved to St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. He and his family remained in the area moving from one island to another as employment closed in one place and opened in another place. As of this date, April 2013, he and Pat still live in St Lucia.

In this clip he speaks of his first inclination to serve the Baha’i Faith as a pioneer.