ST. LUCIA – Barbara Hudson

These video clips of Barbara Hudson were taken from an interview by Pat Paccassi in 1994-5 during a  trip  through the islands recording  memories from the formation stage of the Baha’i Faith in our area.

Barbara arrived from the United States as a pioneer to St Lucia in February 1982. She remained for several years until ill health forced her to return to the States.

She was a kind, loving person and was well liked on the island. Her services to the Faith included moving to an area that was not active, in order to help with activities and deepening.  She was elected to the formation of the first National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of St Lucia in 1983.

In  the first clip,  she talks about how she felt drawn to serve the Faith on St Lucia.

In Part Two, she speaks of her families connection to Lillian Middlemast, who pioneered to St Lucia in 1953 along with Esther Evans and was consequently named a  Knight of Baha’u’llah for the Windward Islands,