St. Thomas


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1964: 1st LSA of St Thomas

Top row, L-R: Charles Dayton; Jean La Mothe; Tom Shoemaker.

Middle row, L-R: Knud Jensen; Ellerton Harmer; Doug Covey.

Front row, L-R: Mary Dayton; Bill Dickerson; Marjorie Harmer.



Knights of Baha’u’llah for the Leeward Islands



Mary and Charles Dayton










Standing, L-R: Reuben Betancourt; Marjorie Harmer; __; Lillie Betancourt; Melvin Barber.
Seated, L-R: __; __; Bill Dickerson; _Louise Dickerson; __; Ellerton Harmer; Thom Thompson.




Ted Brown; Melvin Barber; pet Robbie,  Elsie Snyder.






1964: December: photos of the visit of Margarita Sears:


Standing, L-R: Bill Dickerson; Jean La Mothe; Marjorie Harmer; Knud Jensen; Melvin Barber.

Seated, L-R: Victor Tom; Margarite Sears; Doug Covey.



Standing, L-R: Margarite Sears; Jean La Mothe; Marjorie Harmer; Knud Jensen; Melvin Barber.

In front, L-R: Victor Tom; Doug Covey.



Katherine Meyer; Melvin Barber; Victor Tom; Knud Jensen.




Knud Jensen







Margarita Sears







Standing, L-R: Melvin Barber; Katherine Meyer ; Marjorie Harmer; __; Knud Jensen.

Seated: Victor Tom.



1966-7: visit of Ellsworth Blackwell:

Standing. L-R: Thom Thomson; Frank Paccassi; Ellerton Harmer; Melvin Barber; Leonard Ericks; Lillie Betancourt.

Seated. L-R: Mildred Sayles; Katherine Meyer; Ellsworth Blackwell; __; Elsie Snyder; Alma Lake.

Kneeling. L-R: Michele Harmer, Marge Harmer, Dorothy Behar


1966 photos:

L-R Back Row: Marjorie Harmer, Dorothy Behar, Frank Paccassi, __, Joe Lilliedahl, Jerry Van Deusen

L-R Middle Row: __, Bill Dickerson, Judith Paccassi, __, __, Tony Harmer, Patricia Paccassi, Louise Dickerson, Mary Dayton, Naomi Washingon, Cindy Lilliedahl.

L-R Kneeling: Ellerton Harmer, Michele Harmer, Lynn Paccassi, Susie Harmer



Standing, L-R: Joe Lilliedahl; Cindy Lilliedahl; Patricia Paccassi; __; Lynn Paccassi; Frank Paccassi.

Seated, L-R: Mary Dayton; Marjorie Harmer; Louise Dickerson; Bill Dickerson.



L-R facing: Marjorie Harmer; Joe Lilliedahl; Louise Dickerson; Ellerton Harmer; Mary Dayton;

Others seated on ground: Patricia  Paccassi; Winifred Morris; Jerry Van Deusen; Tony Harmer; Cindy Lilliedahl.




L-R: 2 children; Patricia Paccassi; Naomi Washington; Frank Paccassi; Winifred Morris; __; Cindy Lilliedahl.



Patricia Paccassi; 2 children; __; Cindy Lilliedahl; __; Jack Ellis.




1966 or 67: Visit of Ellsworth Blackwell:








1967: Visit of Elizabeth Thomas:


L-R: Travel Teacher,  Elizabeth Thomas; Ted Brown; Erleen Hooper; Enid Espinosa; Marjorie Harmer.






1966-7 NSA Members:

NSA Members:

L-R: Henrietta Trutza; Jean Desert; Ellerton Harmer; Naomi Washington; Ed Miller; William Nedden.





1967: 1st National Convention of the Baha’is of the Leeward, Windward and Virgin Islands:


Faces showing:

Dr. Giachery, Maureen Krauss, Doug Covey, Doris Smith.



First  NSA  of  the Baha’i of the Leeward, Windward and Virgin Islands




Standing, L-R: Hand of the Cause of God, Ugo Giachery; _Perera; _ Perera;  Jerry Van Deusen; __; Dorothy Schneider; __; Louise Dickerson; Lorana Kerfoot; Robert Hatcher; Frances Foss; Vivian Taylor; Lorraine Landau; Melvin Barber; Mary Dayton; Erleen Hooper; Tom Hooper; Patricia Paccassi; Naomi Washington; Lynn Paccassi; Dorothy Behar; Jean La Mothe; Mary Allan; Winifred Morris; __; __; __; __; __; __.

In chairs, L-R: __; __; Sara Perera  Angelina Giachery; Maurine Kraus; Dorothy Behar; __; __; __.

In front, L-R: Doug Covey; Ellerton Harmer; __; __; __; Katherine Harmer; Reuben Betancourt.

Convention Photo, outside:










Standing, L-R: Bill Dickerson; Ellerton Harmer; Marjorie Harmer; Frank  Paccassi; Jack  Ellis; Jerry Van Deusen.

Seated, L-R: Katherine Meyer; __with child;



1968-9 NSA of the LWVI Islands
Standing. L-R: Ed Miller; Lorana Kerfoot; William Nedden;  Ellerton Harmer.
Seated, L-R: Henrietta Trutza; Wilfred Bart; Naomi Washington; Katherine Meyer; Jean Desert.1968:L-R: David Morris; Ellerton  Harmer. 











1969: Visit of Glenford Mitchell, Secretary General of the Baha’is of the United States:

 L to R: Wilfred Barts, Henrietta Trutza, Glenford  Mitchell, Ed Miller, Beverlee Miller, Pat Paccassi



1970: visit of Ruhiyyih Khanum:






L to R:, Naomi Washington, Judy Paccassi, Ann Jefferies, Susan Harmer, Frank Paccassi, Lynn Paccassi





L to R: Frank Paccassi, Pat  Paccassi, ___, Lorana Kerfoot, ___, Ruhiyyih Khanum, __,





1970: Visit of Baumgartners from Alaska:









L to R: Darian Hooper, Tom Hooper, Naomi Washington, Ellerton Harmer, Joe Lilliedahl, Frank Paccassi






Back Row: ___, Cindy Lilliedahl

Middle Row: Joe Lilliedahl, Dorothy Behar, ___,

Front: Marjorie Harmer




Standing: Ann Jefferies, Tony Harmer, Rowland Estall, Heddie D, __, __, Marge Harmer, Joyce Owen

Seated: Vivian Estall, Lorana Kerfoot, __, ___, __, __.




L to R: __, Cindy Lilliedahl, Lorana Kerfoot, __, Joe Lilliedahl, Dorothy Behar, __.




1971: Group on the Bahama Star for the trip to Jamaican  Conference:

Standing: ___, ___, Ethel Harris, Ellerton Harmer, Marjorie Harmer, Frank Paccassi, Tony Harmer, Pat  Paccassi, __, Susan Harmer,

Seated: Louise Dickerson, Ann Jefferies, Lorana Kerfoot,  Judith Paccassi, Michele Harmer, Lynn Paccassi


1972: 1st NSA of the Leeward and Virgin Islands:

L-R: Sandy Eggert; Jodi Owen; Alan Smith; Tom Millington; Joyce Owen; William Nedden; Cedric Nathan; Marjorie Harmer; Pauline Paul; Shirley Mather; Counsellor Rowland Estall





L-R: Ellerton Harmer; Ralph Alcendor; Joyce Owen; Charles Fitzsimmons; Marjorie Harmer; Jodi Owen; William Nedden; Louis Guy; Lorana Kerfoot; Tom Millington.





L-R: Jean Randazzo; Barbara Joyce; Joyce Owen; Jan Connely; Margaret Rhue; David Rhue, Member of the Universal House of Justice






1977: Visit of Hand of the Cause of God, Enoch Olinga, and Elizabeth Olinga:

L to R: ABM Shirley Mather, Enoch and Elizabeth Olinga




1977 : CBC Conference






1980: NSA Leeward and Virgin Islands


Standing, L-R: Charles Fitzsimmons; Marjorie Harmer; Jody Owen; Joyce Owen; William Nedden.
Seated, L-R: John Yates, Daniel Cauillaud; Barbara Joyce, ; Florence Bagley.



Baha’i and Gatherings:



Far right: Amanda Wrighton





L – R: Adocia Todman, __,__,__, Louise Dickerson







Back row, L-R: __; __; William Nedden; __.
Middle row, L-R: Louise Dickerson; Francis Foss; __; Marjorie Harmer;
Front row, L-R: __; __; __.





Joyce Owen and her Mother, Lindy Green








Marjorie Harmer







Standing left to right:   Joyce Owen, Louis Anderson, xxxx, Lorana Kerfoot, Bill Dickerson, Louise Dickerson, Mindy Mather, xxxx,  Marjorie Harmer

Kneeling in front; ___, Susan Harmer



1979 NSA Leeward and Virgin Islands_a1979  ??:   Anne-Marie Danet, a local believer donates antenna for National Center.



L to R: Lorana Kerfoot, Joe Lilliedahl, Cindy Lilliedahl





L-R: Jean Randazzo; __; Jan Connely; Nelson Brignoni.





Farewell Party f or Lorana Kerfoot:


L-R: Cindy Lilliedahl; Lorana Kerfoot.









Lorana Kerfoot






L to R: Jeffery, Shirley, Pamela, Melinda and George Mather






__ Morris, Susan Harmer, Geoffrey Morris, Tony Harmer, Michele Harmer; Hilary Morris; Judith Paccassi, Lynn Paccassi, with a few kids from St. Thomas.