First Grandma Snyder Project – 1981: July 27-August 17

The following are some of those who participated in the Project:

Beverly March, Frank Paccassi, Tim Delphus





Back:___,  Moses Auguste, Gregory Fedee

Front: Fitzroy Damaze, Juliana Auguste, James Auguste






Standing:  3rd from left: Edith Johnson





Group Photo at meeting in the Gardens in Castries:  (see main St Lucia page for full names of team members)





In South





2nd from left: Dorothy Hansen





2nd from left: David Yarmartino




David Yarmartino, Martin Devaux, Soheil Samari, Dorothy Hansen, Beverly March, Jeanne Samari, __






 Village meeting Photos:




















far right: Nancy Cole










Susan Felker in Castries





Shirley Yarbrough in Castries






Partial Team: ( see St Lucia page for names)






Russ Lee on wash day







Keith and Stephanie Bloodworth, pioneers to St Lucia. It was Stephanie’s idea for this project taken from inspiration from one of her dreams!