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1970  National Convention photos follow:


Standing, L-R: Patricia Paccassi; John Duff; Ellerton Harmer; __; __; __; George Howard; Ivor Ellard; Ed Miller; Jodi Owen; William Soderberg; Joe Bellas; __; Victor Jackman; __; Karen Wood; __.

Seated, L-R: __; __; Winifred Morris; __; Ethel Harris; Beverlee Miller; Joyce Owen; __; woman w/child; Carol Haynes; Marjorie Harmer; __; Selma Joseph; Henrietta Trutza.

Seated on the , ground, L-R: Lynn Paccassi; _Haynes; Judith Paccassi; __; __; __; __.


1970-1  National Spiritual Assembly

Standing, L-R: Walter Jackson; Frank Paccassi, Ed Miller; Lorana Kerfoot; George Howard.

Seated, L-R: Patricia Paccassi; Beverlee Miller; Henrietta Trutza; Carol Haynes.


L-R: George Howard; Beverlee Miller; _Winifred Morris; Marjorie Harmer; __; Ethel Harris; Walter Jackson; Frank Paccassi.














L-R: Jody Owen; William Nedden; __; Walter Jackson; Ed Miller; John Duff; Tom Millington.



L-R: Martha Hocker; Marjorie Harmer; Henrietta Trutza; Winifred Morris; Patricia Paccassi; Frank Paccassi; Tom Millington; Lynn Paccassi; Ellerton Harmer; Walter Jackson; Ed Miller.



Back Row, L-R: George Howard; William Nedden; Ivor Ellard; Ed Miller; __; Frank Paccassi; Lauriston Wilson; Victor Jackman ; Jeffrey Lewis; __.

Front Row, L-R: Shirley Howard; Ethel Harris; __; Joyce Owen; __; child; Carol Haynes; __; Selma Joseph; Henrietta Trutza; and children.


L-R: Shirley Howard; Eleanor Wilson; Lauriston Wilson; Joe Bellas.










___, Michele Harmer, unknown child,  Lynn Haynes






1972  Teaching  team from the USA and Barbados



L-R: child; Charles Fanning; Laurie Fanning; __; woman with child; __; Florence Rose.




L-R:  Charles Fanning; __; Laurie Fanning; 2 children; Hendrick Branch; __ with children; Patricia Fanning; __; woman with child; __; Patricia Paccassi.








1973 Teaching trip of Terry Madison and Shirley Yarbrough




Standing, L-R: Lynn Berry; Richard Berry; Jackie Stratton.

L-R: Ian Berry; William Winner; Teresa Pascal w/baby; Sean Berry; __; __Stratton.




1981    Al Segen Visit,  2nd from  left






1982 National Convention photos follow:



























 1980’s  — Photos

Ida McCray and Lorana Kerfoot








Julius Edwards







Vera Edwards






L to R: Barbara Winner, Lynn Berry, Rick Berry, Theresa Pascal, Counsellor Rowland Estall




1983  Paccassi and Toussaint families   L to R:  Judy Paccassi, Frank Paccassi, Pat Paccassi with grandson, Ian Berry, Amelia Toussaint, Erica Toussaint with  Sean Berry, Colby Toussaint.


1982  Ed Povey with children’s class







1982  Meeting with Meherangiz Munsiff  at St James Hotel

L to R: Tahirah Wilson, Counsellor Ruth Pringle, Mrs. Munsiff, Negar Maghami, Barbara Winner with children





1983  Erica Toussaint and Ed Povey with Children’s class






1983  Gathering at Ghaem-Ghami home

Known: all L to R:

Back row: 3rd. Erica Toussaint; 5th. Ed Povey; 12th. Graeme Stratton; 14th. Izzat Ghaem-Maghami; 16th. Shirin Ghaem-Ghami;

Seated: 3rd. Beverly Commisoning; 5th. Eileen Hill; 7th. Jackie Stratton;

Kneeling: local children as well as Povey, Toussaint, Stratton and Winner children