Tom Millington Collection


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1971: Virgin Island Baha’is traveling to National Convention in Antigua:

Standing: __, __, Ethel Harris, Ellerton Harmer, Marjorie Harmer, Frank Paccassi, Tony Harmer, Pat Paccassi, __, Susan Harmer.

Seated: Louise Dickerson, Ann Jefferies, Lorana Kerfoot, Judy Paccassi, Michele Harmer, Lynn Paccassi.



1970: Visit of Hand of the Cause of God, Enoch Olinga (center of photo)







The National Centre in St Thomas, before and one after:































1973: NSA of Leeward and Virgin Islands:

Bob Phillips, Joyce Owen, Jody Owen, Lorana Kerfoot, Monsell Laury, Nelson Brignoni, Barbara Joyce, Tom Millington, Bill Nedden.

1973: Photos from International Convention held in Haifa Israel:


1973: Delegates from NSA Windward Islands, Phil Wood and Pat Paccassi, at the Prison in Akka where Baha’u’llah was held prisoner:





Joyce Owen from Virgin Islands







Joyce and Jody Owen, Lorana Kerfoot, Bill Nedden from Virgin Islands, and Frank Paccassi from Windward Islands





1975: Photos from 1975 National Conventions: 


Antigua: Vivian Taylor Estall, ___, ___






Karen Wood, Marjorie Harmer






Karen Wood, Marjorie Harmer, Phil Wood









Marjorie Harmer







Francis Foss, Carlos Sterling, Ellerton Harmer




Marge Harmer, Doris Smith, Francis Foss, Barbara Joyce






Jody Owen, Daniel Cauillaud, ___







Al Segen








Barbara Joyce








Sandy Eggert, Al Segen



Group Consulting in St Thomas:







Teaching Team: Barbuda

Danny Sweeny, Bill Nedden, Barbara Joyce, ___, ___






Naomi Washington from St Thomas and Ruhiyyih Khanum








Hand of the Cause of God, Ruhiyyih Khanum, and Delegate from Cuba at International Convention, 1973.







Hand of the Cause of God, Enoch Olinga






1972-3: NSA Leeward and Virgin Islands:


Lorana Kerfoot, Tom Millington, Bob Phillips, Joyce Owen, Jody Owen, Bill Nedden, Bill Soderberg





Sandy Eggert








Joyce Owen, and Cindy Lilliedahl in St Thomas