St. Vincent


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1966  Teaching team 






1968  Paccassi visit to St Vincent:    L-R: Winifred Jerrels; ___; __; __; __; Frank Paccassi; Luther Howard; Patricia Paccassi; ___.

1969 Teaching trip by Pat Paccassi and daughter, Judy






1970  Baha’is       Adults standing, L-R: Edith Hurst; Anthony Providence; George Howard; __; person with child; Luther Howard; woman with child standing.   And a large group of children


1970   Edith Hurst’s children’s class


1971    Youth teaching team from Barbados photos: 
L-R: Patricia Paccassi (coordinator); Richard Miller; Monica Braithwaite; Myralene Moore; Leroy Wharton; Burleigh Eastman; Errol Sealy; Lynn Paccassi.

L to R: Iris Guinals; ____; Patricia Paccassi; Anthony Providence; Hendrick Branch; Lynn Paccassi; and St Vincent youth. Kneeling, L-R: Richard Miller; Burleigh Eastman.

L to R: Errol Sealy, Pat Paccassi, Iris Guinals, Hendrick Branch, Don Providence, Pat Paccassi, Lynn Paccassi, __, Monica Braithwaite, ___,  Leroy Wharton, Myralene Moore, Kneeling Burleigh Eastman,  Richard Miller

1971 Baha’is in St Vincent

L-R: Elsie Snyder; Hendrick Branch; __; Frank Paccassi; Judith Paccassi__; Lynn Paccassi; Edson Branch; Patricia Paccassi.




1972  visit of Marta Kelsey and Joyce Owen

L to R: Standing; Pat Paccassi. Hendrick Branch, Frank Paccassi, Seated; Lynn Paccassi, Kevin Green, Marta Kelsey, Judy Paccassi, Joyce Owen, Emmanuel Dick.



1975 Baha’is in St Vincent

L to R: Standing, Don Providence, ___, Lennox Sutherland, George Howard;

Seated: Edson Branch, Helen Marshall, Shirley Howard, Edna Howard, Emmanuel Dick



1977 Visit of Hand of the Cause of God, Enoch Olinga and Elizabeth Olinga








1977  Meeting with Meherangiz Munsiff       Standing: L to R: Edson Branch, ___, Edna Howard, George  Howard, Eva Statz, __.  Seated: ___, Helen Marshall, Mrs Munsiff, __.


1980’s early   Friends out teaching
   L to R: Don Providence, Lisa Blake, Edson Branch, Emily Providence, Ike Bennett.


1980’s   Edson Branch making Presentation


1980  National Convention group





1981 Hand of the Cause of God, Muhammad Varga at formation of first NSA of the Windward Islands


1981 First NSA of the Windward Islands

L-R: Anthony Providence; Keith Bloodworth; Frank Paccassi; Albert Segen; Shirley Howard; Stephanie Bloodworth; Martin Devaux; Tim Delphus: Patricia Paccassi.


1981  National Convention group 

Standing, L-R: David Yamartino; __; __; Emmanuel Dick; George Howard; Martin Devaux; __; Ruth Pringle; Negar Bahbahani; Patricia Paccassi; Barwiz Bahbahani; Tim Delphus; __; __; Stephanie Bloodworth; Shirley Yarbrough; __; Edson Branch; __; Frank Paccassi;  Hand of the Cause of  God, ‘Ali Muhammad Varqa.

Seated. L-R: Jennie Samari,; Stephanie Bloodworth w/Badi; __; Emily Providence; Shirley Howard w/boy; Lynn Paccassi; Judith Paccassi; __; __; __; __.