GRENADA – Louise Mathias

This video clip of Louise Mathias was taken from an interview by Linda Cicada and Oma Richmond in 1994-5 during their teaching/taping trip with the Paccassi’s, recording  memories from the formation stage of the Baha’i Faith in our area.

Mrs Mathias is the daughter of Hand of the Cause of God Dorothy Baker. This interview begins with a photo of Mrs Baker, and Louise proceeds to tell the story of how she heard that her grandfather had become a Baha’i.

Louise, who was at the House of Worship in Wilmette Illinois at the time, then rushes in to tell her Mother, who is attending a meeting of the National Assembly.

The rest of the interview  shares many details concerning her father, Frank Baker, who pioneered to Grenada with Dorothy’s Grandmother, “Mother Beecher”, after Dorothy died  in a tragic airplane accident en route to her Baha’i pioneering post in Grenada.