Early Years


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Any information on these photos will be greatly appreciated:


Front: 2nd Henrietta Trutza, 3rd Naomi Washington, 4th Phil Trutza Edwin Miller in the  back right and Beverlee in the back center partially hidden.













Trutza’s on right






St.  Thomas photos: home of Paccassi:


L to R: Frank Paccassi, Pat Paccassi, Lorana Kerfoot, Elizabeth Thomas







L to R: Elizabeth Thomas, Jerry Van Deusen  Erleen Hooper,





Back Row: Louise Dickerson, Naomi Washington, Bill Dickerson, Marge Harmer, Cindy Lilliedahl, Michele Harmer.

Front Row: Ellerton Harmer, Tony Harmer, Joe Lilliedahl, Lorana Kerfoot, Susie Harmer


Back Row: Pat Paccassi, Ellsworth Blackwell, Marge Harmer, Joe Lilliedahl. Bob Hatcher.

Front Row: ___, Frank Paccassi,  Jerry Van Deusen, Dorothy Behar


 St Thomas:




L t R: Jeffery Morris, Lorana Kerfoot, Tony Harmer




 St   Croix:


___, Ann Buder









L to R: Ted Brown, Francis Foss, Ellerton Harmer





L to R: __, Joe Lilliedahl, Tom Millington, Dorothy Behar, Cindy Lilliedahl
























L. Michele Harmer, __, Ellerton Harmer








Lorana Kerfoot