GRENADA – Lauriston & Elinor Wilson

These video clips of Lauriston and Elinor Wilson were taken from an interview by Linda Cicada and Oma Richmond in 1994-5 during their teaching/taping trip with the Paccassi’s, recording  memories from the formation stage of the Baha’i Faith in our area.

The first clip is of Laurie, as he was known, became a Baha’i in the early days of the Faith in Grenada. He was a well known Baha’i as he served in a prominent Government position for most of his life, and thus was able to present the Baha’i Teachings to a high level of society in Grenada.  He has remained a steadfast Baha’i throughout the years.

The second clip is of Elinor Wilson who begins by her explaining her first struggles with the teachings of the Faith on Heaven and Hell, as she had been exposed to disturbing graphic slides about burning in Hell by a Church group when she was very young.

She did however, come to realize the beauty and truth of the Baha’i Faith and was always open to serving and helping both the friends and the Faith.