St Lucia – Patsy Vincent speaks of Ruhiyyih Khanum and Esther Evans

These brief edited comments about the visit of Rúhíyyih Khanum, Hand of the Cause of God, and Esther Evans, Knight of Bahá’u’lláh for the Windward Islands, who lived in St. Lucia, was taken from an interview of Patsy Vincent by Pat Paccassi in St Lucia in 1987.

Rúhíyyih Khanum:

P.P. – Tell me about the night that Rúhíyyih Khanum gave a talk at LaToc Hotel. I’d like to hear every detail about that night.

P.V. – That night, when that lady started speaking, the people who were working at the hotel that night, stopped working and came out and see what she was teaching. The conference room where she spoke was packed, packed, packed, packed that night. That was the beautiful night.

P.V. – That was in 1970, the same time she came, they tape her on Radio

P.P. – They taped her interview?

P.V. – Yes.

P.P. – Who did that? Radio St. Lucia?

P.V. – Yes, Radio St. Lucia.

P.P. – And they put it on the radio?

P.V. – Yes, and people find out about it.

P.P. – Oh, and people actually called after her talk?

P.V. – Yes.

P.P. – Isn’t that unusual for many people to call?

P.V. – Yes, many people did that. They wanted to find out what the Baha’i, how it is operating and so on, and they find out. It was very nice. No problem; no problem with the Baha’is.

Esther Evans:

P.V. – We had other good times, especially with Esther (Evans) – oh, my God – it’s so long since I haven’t seen her. She’s very, very, very nice, and she gives you courage because most of the times I speak to her I tell her, just say what happened, and she say, “Don’t worry. Keep courage.” Even something we needed, something to we know about the Faith more, tell me so I can tell this. That’s one thing. She used to tell me. She gives me courage.

P.P. – Tell me more about Esther.

P.V. – Oh yes, Esther… we used to go by Esther, keep our firesides, no problem, she prepare everything for us, tell us go by the beach; we go by the beach, and then she there first and prepare everything and we used to go to meeting – everything, she’s there; always helping. If you don’t know something, she explain it for you. I just love to visit for her. I don’t know the meaning of something, I ask, then it gets written down for you; then I can teach somebody else in Patois, who is speaking Patois. You know, it is well speaking Patois, (the local dialect) because they know what you’re saying.